In 1961 at the University of Yale, Stanley Milgram conducted a psychological experiment that stunned the world.
Participants were asked to administer an electric shock to an innocent third party.
The third party was an actor, and the electric shocks weren’t real,
but the willingness of the participants to follow orders,
regardless of the pain they thought they were inflicting, was.
One Way Mirror is the story of the actors employed in this decade of edgy (or dodgy) experimentation.
This excitingly unconventional comedy is a fascinating exploration of our temptation to comply, and to conform.
How willingly do we follow orders?
How differently do we behave when we’re watched?
Radical in form and surprising in presentation, One Way Mirror is the latest work by subtlenuance.
Blood Moon Theatre
14 – 24 March
Written and directed by Paul Gilchrist
With Matthew Abotomey, Alison Benstead, Angus Evans,
Sylvia Keays, Sonya Kerr, Mark Langham,
Linda Nicholls-Gidley, Ash Sakha and Sheree Zellner

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