Dear Valued Zebra client,

I hope this email finds you well.

I am writing to inform you that there will be a management change at Zebra Studios from 1st August 2018. I will be handing the controls back to Gerry Sont so that I can commence my counselling diploma and pursue my mindfulness coaching business.

Gerry plans to simplify the Terms and Conditions as follows:

Booking confirmed once full hire fee paid either by Bank transfer or cash. Any cancellations receive a credit but no refunds.

Here are Gerry’s Special rates:

Workshops where participants pay to attend = $30 per hour

Rehearsals etc. (participants do not pay to attend) = $20 per hour

Rehearsals etc. (participants do not pay to attend) over 20 hrs in a 7 day period = $15 p/h

Gerry is contactable on his mobile but would prefer all correspondence to be sent via email.

Gerry Sont contact information:   0403 354 687

I will continue to schedule bookings up to the end of July 2018 but thereafter Gerry will take care of all enquiries and bookings. If you are booking from1st August then Gerry’s rates and Conditions apply.

I thank you so much for your past use of Zebra and wish you well with your future endeavours.

Kind Regards

Adrian Spear


Zebra Studios

0405 391 110

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